What are you all about? Branding 101…

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It’s looking to be another hectic week so I decided to write this on a quiet Sunday night. As you’re probably aware, I inspire myself from my day-to-day and this post is no different! I was recently part… Read More

Does the suit make the man?

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Continuing on a recent theme of appearances, it always makes me laugh how I get treated differently when I’m suited up than when I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt or some Lulu’s. When I walk into a store in… Read More

What do I do? Funny you should ask…

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I get that question a lot whenever I meet someone new. I’m sure you get it too. It must be that people love to label folks rather quickly. I usually say I do a lot of things. At… Read More

Recap from the Solefit Orthotics’ Natural Running Seminar

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Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it was great time at the Solefit Orthotics’ Natural Running Mechanics Seminar. Held at the new Convention Centre, it had an audience of over 120 people (by my guess-timate). Solefit’s Ryan Grant and… Read More

What a weekend!

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Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I’m quite lucky these days, and this weekend was no different. It all got started by sleeping in on Saturday after a long (but productive) week. That is one of my favourite… Read More

Two steps forward, one step back?

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Is that such a bad thing? I found that you can’t simply steam ahead all the time with your foot on the gas. We are not machines! After a very busy end of the summer and start to… Read More

Are first impressions really that important?

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The more I think (and read) about it, the answer is yes if you ask me. You mean countless people every month unless you’re living in your Mom’s basement and you never come out. And whether you like it… Read More

Experimenting with social media…

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I’ve been doing a bit of a social experiment recently to see what people know and associate with social media. I ask folks what is social media and I usually get one word answers where folks name their… Read More

V-log: Contest – What does ChiRunning mean to you?

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This week I’m switching it up a bit and going to the crowd (you!) to find out what ChiRunning means. [youtube=]   What does it mean to you? *** And here’s another good article by the Globe and Mail’s Nicole… Read More

Is everyday a miracle or is nothing a miracle?

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Do you think the universe works for you or against you? I find how you answer that question will go a long way in determining about how happy you are in your day-to-day! I was out for a… Read More

Esprit Duathlon Race Report, part one

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So I headed up to Montreal on Friday to have dinner with the family and race Esprit on Saturday morning.  The Esprit day is something to see. You have a bunch of races going on at once, sometimes… Read More

Power of words, part deux…

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I had some good response to my last video blog post about the power of words so I thought I would share the feedback with you folks. Someone sent me an email saying that they know they have to sign up for an… Read More

Pretty inspiring stuff…

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I just got back home from a nice (and quick) drive back from lovely Petawawa, listening to Robin Sharma’s “Guide to Greatness”. I was getting a few nuggets while just going through some thoughts of how grateful I… Read More

#PHY: Parliament Hill Yoga, good times for everyone!

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I just came back from a great yoga session on Parliament Hill. It was the first time I could actually make it tp Parliament Hill Yoga (aka PHY). Wow! First of all, just being able to do something… Read More

One of the big reasons I do this ChiRunning thing…

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Is to help people out. Most people love the technique, even after I’m totally honest with them and let them know it will take a while for them to get it right. I will share the feedback I… Read More

ChiRunning: I’m a celebrity! Not really…

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So my sponsor (Ford of Canada) and the lovely Kristine at Thornley Fallis set up a spot on “A” Morning last week to talk about ChiRunning and my recent race. Here is how it turned out: [youtube=] I’ve always… Read More

NatCapTri Recap: The good, the bad and the next steps (Part II)

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I actually had a good time on Saturday at the race but see below for a few rookie mistakes that I did. There are a few, too many for an experienced person if you ask me. That’s the… Read More

NatCapTri Recap: The good, the bad and the next steps (Part I)

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So I did another triathlon on the weekend. This wasn’t planned that far ahead but I’m glad I did. I’ll tell you a few reasons why today, a few reasons I wasn’t tomorrow and what I’m planning for… Read More

Listening can be quite beneficial

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I went out for a coffee with some friends last night after another wonderful Run Club with Lululemon Rideau Centre and it got me thinking (shocking, I know!)… I find listening has become an incredible tool for me… Read More

#SoCapOtt Recap: A great social media conference right here in Ottawa!

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I got the pleasure of attending Social Capital Conference on Saturday. Great times! It was nice to see a world-class conference on a very interesting topic (social media) with some great local speakers. I didn’t have to fly to go to… Read More

Lessons from the road: Sitting is evil!

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As I came back from a small road trip to nearby Kingston to visit my Godson and my favourite family, another lesson was quite apparent. I’ve known for a while that sitting is bad for you but recently… Read More

Lessons from another world…

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Good morning folks! I was going to talk about the evil of sitting today but it will have to wait. I have something a bit more timely (and somewhat unrelated) to chat about today. I met a very… Read More

ChiRunning: Lessons from an early morning run…

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Today I failed. And I’m okay with that. I missed my run yesterday (life happens) so I set out for a nice early morning run in the woods and everything was right with the world. I was going to… Read More

Absolute truth vs relative truth…

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It’s funny how I never really realized the differences between the two until recently. There are only a few absolute truths as far as I see it: death and taxes. And some people would even argue about taxes!… Read More

Top Ten: Things I’m grateful for…

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Folks, Following up to last week’s video blog on having a bad day , see below for my top ten reasons why I’m grateful in my day-to-day. Please enjoy and comment! My health: It’s nice to be able to enjoy life everyday without constant pain…. Read More