Absolute truth vs relative truth…

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It’s funny how I never really realized the differences between the two until recently.

There are only a few absolute truths as far as I see it: death and taxes. And some people would even argue about taxes!

Everything else is a relative truth. Everyone is biased, whether you realize it or not. It’s human nature and it’s in our DNA. What I’m writing here is my version of the truth but I’m sure I could find a good number of folks that truly believe that my version is false.

Researchers have shown recently that there is a confirmation bias whenever new information enters your brain. If the new information is in line with your beliefs then it is more likely to get absorbed than information that is in contrast (and thus rejected).

With respect to ChiRunning, I truly believe that it works from the bottom of my heart. I’ve seen the difference in the majority of my clients and most importantly, I’ve seen the big difference in my running. I guess this means that if I read an article about the wonderful benefits of heel striking then I guess I will ignore a lot of it. It’s the price I must pay I guess…

I’m currently reading “Risk” by Dan Gardner. It’s a great look at the concept of risk and how humans perceive it. It’s a very eye-opening and informative read. We often don’t realize the impact of media, advertising, crowds, experts and the way our brain processes information. Thank you Mark for the reco!

What’s an absolute truth in your life?

Do you need some creativity today? If so, click on this link. It’s a short montage highlighting 29 ways to be more creative and happier. It’s a nice little pick me up on a Friday.

Enjoy! :)

3 Responses to Absolute truth vs relative truth…

  1. Barb says:

    Here is an absolute truth: You get what you give, in chi running and in life.

    Focus on preserving the house of the soul, your body, and fly with the wind, not against it, just like sailing a rig,,,,,,, all of these activities require you to work with nature, not against it, our bodies are a natural and electrical phenomena, work with it, chi energy is the core of human strength and energy. In Neurology they say, don’t overuse it, bank it! (spine/brain common sense).

    No one will appreciate this until you re-enter physical motion from a place of recovery from injury.

    Ciao! And Kudos to you Eric for spreding the knowledge!

    • ecinc says:

      Thank you for the comment and for being you! I’m glad the ChiRunning way of life is helping you out.

      • Barb says:

        Haha,,,, just a lil follow up to my duck analogy! I know what your thinkin!!!!!!!!

        I do try to keep it simple!

        Keep on Smilin,


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