What a weekend!

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Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I’m quite lucky these days, and this weekend was no different.

It all got started by sleeping in on Saturday after a long (but productive) week. That is one of my favourite pastimes these days. It also helps when it’s cold and dark outside, doesn’t it?

I did some stuff around the house then went out for a run, this time simply concentrating on soaking in the sun and feeling my posture with each step.

I had to hurry since I had a busy afternoon of checking out the Solefit Orthotics’ Natural Running Mechanics Seminar (check back soon for a recap of the event). It was a great session and it was so nice to touch base with a lot of the local professionals who think alike on the best practices for running. It’s about time that something like this was put on and I was glad to be part of it.

I then walked over to the ByWard Market to have a wonderful dinner with the fam. It was nice to catch up with my big brother and my mother. It’s rare that we’re all in the same city at the same time so it’s always an occasion.

On Sunday morning, I met up with Andrea Robertson before our ChiRunning/Yoga for Runners session in the Glebe. What a great group and hopefully some more converts to minimalist running. If nothing, I gave them something else to think about when they’re out running!

No complaints also about how it ended either. I wrote part this while I was flying to San Francisco for a few days for work (CrowdConf 2011). This trip is not a ChiRunning-inspired one but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t out running in shorts yesterday as part of my Monday.

Thank you to all for being part of my life. That is all.

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