One of the big reasons I do this ChiRunning thing…

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Is to help people out. Most people love the technique, even after I’m totally honest with them and let them know it will take a while for them to get it right.

I will share the feedback I received from one of my clients, Travis. And I quote:

I feel very pleased with my progress since the workshop in June. I feel I was doing some things right in ChiRunning since 09, but getting the feedback from you and doing the standing/walking work helped dramatically.  I try to check/correct my posture as often as I can when standing/walking/running now. I feel that my back issues have been significantly reduced since changing my posture when standing/walking/running.

I ran the Ottawa 5k in May, and was very out of shape so didn’t come close to the pace I ran half marathons in 09.  But something interesting was that (by accident) I ran a training run of 5.1k in just seconds over the pace I did my race in. The big difference I noticed – my HR was about 30 beats /minute less than the race!  That was only maybe 6-8 runs after the race, so it isn’t as if I did major training – seems like efficiency gain due to ChiRunning to me.

This is why I teach!

I hope it inspires you to get out, ChiRunning or not. Make it a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend as well!

This article came at the right time, it talks about the pursuit of PB (personal best)’s. I really like the perspective it brings. It interviews some pretty decent athletes (3-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington and 9-time Ironman winner Marino Vanhoenacker).

This will make me work hard but then simply enjoy race day as a reward. Sounds like a great focus for my next few races!

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