#PHY: Parliament Hill Yoga, good times for everyone!

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I just came back from a great yoga session on Parliament Hill. It was the first time I could actually make it tp Parliament Hill Yoga (aka PHY). Wow!

First of all, just being able to do something on the lawn of Parliament Hill is ridiculously cool. Try doing that at the White House my American friends and let me know how it turns out!

Granted it’s a “corporate” event put on by Lululemon but it’s nice to see all kinds of people you’ve never seen before all practicing yoga. And it was also awesome to see a bunch of people who I hadn’t seen in a while. And it’s free folks!

Today’s session was pure pleasure. The weather was amazing, sunny and warm, itdefinitely got me sweating! The class was taught by one of my favourite teachers, Mind Body Warrior’s Mark Laham. The music was amazing as well (and so fitting, this lady is amazing!) thanks to DJ Polly.

If you get a chance to head out on one of the remaining Wednesdays at noon, I would highly recommend it. There’s also Salutation Nation, a North America-wide class on Saturday, September 10. Do it!

You won’t be disappointed! Let me know how it goes, okay?

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  1. had a GREAT time playing for so many wonderful yogis and yoginis!!

  2. ecinc says:

    Good to hear it was mutual!

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