Listening can be quite beneficial

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I went out for a coffee with some friends last night after another wonderful Run Club with Lululemon Rideau Centre and it got me thinking (shocking, I know!)…

I find listening has become an incredible tool for me these days. I listen to my body when I run thanks to ChiRunning and I can enjoy running a lot more now.

I’m trying to listen a lot more in general. When I chat with friends or clients, I’m not simply thinking of what I’m going to say next or my reply but I’m really concentrating on what people are saying.  I find I’m getting a lot more out of my conversations because of it.

I know this might come to a surprise to some people but I’m really working hard on being a good listener. Obviously that can’t be really done when I’m teaching but overall I’m trying to be in the moment a bit more and let it soak in. That darn ChiRunning is really having an effect on me!

How would you rate yourself as a listener?

A special thanks to Ford of Canada for providing me with some pretty cool vehicles for the week. I got the use of a Ford Explorer and a Ford Fusion Hybrid. Some cool vehicles and it’s always nice to try.

Now I’m pumped for my race tomorrow (Olympic Triathlon at the National Capital Triathlon), partly thanks to Ford. I’m somewhat nervous even though I’ve done countless races but this is the first race in a while…

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