Lessons from the road: Sitting is evil!

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As I came back from a small road trip to nearby Kingston to visit my Godson and my favourite family, another lesson was quite apparent.

I’ve known for a while that sitting is bad for you but recently I can feel it a lot more, probably due to my increased body awareness. My running is fairly steady these days so when I get sore or tight, I can usually pinpoint it to a trip. One of the downsides of travelling (and being 6’4″ in a small plane seat doesn’t help either)!

I’ve also picked up a good habit of getting up every 90 minutes or so to get some blood flowing to the extremities and to make sure that my spine isn’t being compressed. It’s still not enough to reverse all of the effects of a long drive/flight but I find it’s helping me not being as stiff when I get out at my destination. I heard good posture also helps!

Now I apply the ChiRunning principles to my long sitting sessions and it’s helped tremendously. Stay tuned, I will be back on Friday with some more anecdotes and some facts and figures!

For Ottawa-area folks that are interested in checking out ChiRunning I have two options for you:

  • If you want to dabble, we have another free weekly development session tonight (7pm at Hog’s Back Park, right by the falls under the cover) with certified instructor Mike Stashin and myself.
  • If you want to jump in with both feet, I have an intro to ChiRunning workshop this coming Sunday (July 24, 2-6pm). I keep my workshops small so you get a lot of personal attention. It’s $125 for the session and more info is available on here.

A bientot les amis!

4 Responses to Lessons from the road: Sitting is evil!

  1. SuperChris says:

    Je suis bien d’accord avec tes propos Eric.
    Funny you post this this week because I’ve been having issues sitting lately…even getting chinese acupuncture done to help me out…I did fell from my bike (clips) and have a big purple spot.. on my right buttox… hehe ! Sitting for long period is not ideal but if no other choice, a good posture is in deed important .

    Bob Marley would say “Get up Stand up!” lol
    SuperChris ;-)

  2. ecinc says:

    Merci madame!

  3. Iain Robson says:

    You could always try drinking more liquids when you’re in the office.

    Alternatively, you can get a standing desk at work.


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