Primal Health Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your fitness and health, especially after COVID?

Are you feeling out of balance and like life is taking more out of you than it’s giving back?

This 12-week health coaching program will get you back to feeling younger and feeling better while building better habits through education, motivation and most of all, accountability.

Some of the concepts explored in the program include intermittent fasting, sleep hygiene and the use (and cost) of technology. We will also look at the myths of many concepts and how the modern world is out to get you, and what you can do about it to fight it.

This program doesn’t just look at fitness or nutrition but rather at your entire life including your stressors, your beliefs and your lifestyle and has a feedback mechanism with an experienced coach.

This program has a strong education and personal responsibility factor and is designed for men 35+ who want to invest in their health. This program is especially suited for busy professionals who want to get some balance in life or who are looking to level up their health and wellbeing.

The program is customized to your needs and schedule and will take on average 90 minutes per week. Every week comes with a lesson plan, activities and suggested readings and more importantly some key lessons you can apply in your life right away, as well as a check-in with your coach to ensure progress.

The program will look at 10 pillars of wellness in-depth, from exposure to the elements and sleep hygiene to movement and nutrition.

The program can be done remotely or in person (in the Ottawa area), with options for walking meetings and nature therapy. All of it comes after an intake questionnaire and an in-depth personal interview to better understand your current situation and your personal health goals.

The next intake class will start on March 15, 2023. Email me with the form below for all the details!

The program

The 12-week program comes with personalized weekly check-ins &:

– a weekly lesson plan, activities and suggested readings

– options for curated outings and experiences with a small group of like-minded men to speed up learning

– accountability in the best ways possible: education, encouragement and investment

Your investment: $450 (+ tax) *Money-back guarantee

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About your Coach

Coach Eric has been coaching most of his adult life, from youth football to media spokespersons and runners of all abilities.

He is a Certified Primal Health Coach, learning under the tutelage of Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. He is also a Certified ChiRunning instructor, a Running Injury Prevention Specialist and a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Professional and has taken the Wim Hof Method training.

Over the past two decades he has devoured hundreds of books, podcasts and courses in the health, wellness and personal growth sphere and brings those learnings, curiosity and enthusiasm to his coaching practice.

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