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I just got back home from a nice (and quick) drive back from lovely Petawawa, listening to Robin Sharma’s “Guide to Greatness”.

I was getting a few nuggets while just going through some thoughts of how grateful I am these days.

Tonight I got to talk to a full house at this cool bike shop in Petawawa. It was so cool to speak with such an open-minded and appreciative crowd!

Most of you know that I could talk about ChiRunning all night so I tried to be brief, did a short demo then answers some great questions. I love the variety of questions, I never get the exact set of them.

Just a cool vibe and some really cool people. It was great to connect with nice folks in a new venue. It looks like I will be going back to Petawawa for some workshops shortly!

Thank you the good folks at GearHeads and especially to Victoria Cleary for making it a great evening!

Now it’s bed time, early runs before meetings galore tomorrow!

See attached for a great article that came out this week in the New York Times about the evolution of humans as runners with Dr. Lieberman from Harvard. Interesting stuff!

Thank you to Dr. Isaac Cristoveanu of the Holistic Clinic for bringing it to my attention! 

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