#SoCapOtt Recap: A great social media conference right here in Ottawa!

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I got the pleasure of attending Social Capital Conference on Saturday. Great times!

It was nice to see a world-class conference on a very interesting topic (social media) with some great local speakers. I didn’t have to fly to go to it!

It was a mish-mash of sessions but it had a bit for just about everyone. Blogging? Check! Twitter? Check! Metrics? Check!

I even had a great chat with a local exec about crowdsourcing. It was a very eye-opening day.

Here are my top tidbits I got from the conference:

  • We have a lot of talent and a vibrant social media scene in Ottawa
  • I loved the fact that they encouraged the “two feet rule”. If you don’t think the session isn’t meeting your need, use your two feet and go to another one. I did that a few times and it turned out really well
  • It was very well run, especially for an inaugural conference. I loved the fact that you could chat with just about anyone so it had a small town feel to it as well while still being classy

I ran into the lovely Sara D from Lulu Westboro on the way home and she asked what my biggest takeaway was from the day. I had to think about it. I would now say that social media is really about common sense.  More to follow on that soon.

I just have to run and pick up the new Explorer to see how I like it this week. Stay tuned for that!

For all you runners, here’s a great guest blog by ChiRunning Certified Instructor Laura Houston touching on the mind-body connection that I talk about quite a bit.

It’s entitled “Running With a Quiet Mind” and I think that alone would be a great goal for most people!

4 Responses to #SoCapOtt Recap: A great social media conference right here in Ottawa!

  1. The “two feet rule” in a different type of setting might work well, but I thought it was excessively distracting because of the shape of the rooms and the noisy doors. I could see often that someone at the front of the room doing their best to deliver a focused reply or comment was thrown off by people getting up and exiting with the big finale of the door going “kabang.” I guess I am old school but I’d prefer maybe a little more information at the beginning of the conference (like hearing from speakers for a few seconds?) so people can make a choice and stick with it – unless there’s a different venue where entering and exiting isn’t announced quite so profoundly :-)

    • ecinc says:

      I agree with your comment about it being distracting. I saw daggers from one of the presenters when I left. Maybe a different room set up would help.

      And yes I mentioned an idea to Lara to have different streams such a newbie/intermediate/advanced. Just some thoughts!

      Thanks for bringing your point of view, much appreciated!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the recap – it was great meeting you! I really loved how everyone was so approachable. I met many people I typically don’t have a chance to meet at other events.

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