Lessons from another world…

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Good morning folks!

I was going to talk about the evil of sitting today but it will have to wait. I have something a bit more timely (and somewhat unrelated) to chat about today.

I met a very interesting fellow this week, Jon Tam, quite by accident. He’s a friend of a friend that met up with us for a beer. Then he started telling a few stories. All I can is wow!

The highlights:

  • He doesn’t really earn money at his gig at non-profit in South America, schoolBox. He has to do a lot of work in Nicaragua and all he gets is expenses paid. And this guy is no slouch and no dummy (he has an MBA).
  • He was held up at gunpoint recently and stripped of all his belongings and dumped in a different part of town recently. And he recalls it like you would a trip to the water park. Wow.
  • He doesn’t seem to be one of those people who look down upon people who don’t see it his way or live an exuberant lifestyle (know anyone like that?). Very refreshing

I was thinking about a few things before chatting with this guy and he totally blew me away. What was I really worried about? What kind of fool am I for worrying about trivial things?

Anyway, I’m now a believer and trying to help out this amazing organization (I have yet to hear a bad word about them) now and I’m sure they could use some more help. Hint. Hint.

Here’s a video that shows a bit of what they do:


On another somewhat unrelated note, check out this awesome video from Sports Illustrated. It’s about Stacy Lewis’ incredible story of overcoming scoliosis as an 11-year-old girl to becoming one of the top players on the LPGA Tour. Awesome to see what you can do when you try!

Lacking motivation to get work done on a Friday? This should help!

4 Responses to Lessons from another world…

  1. Beautiful…..what a blessing for you to have met him…puts it all into perspective doesn’t it?
    thank you for sharing!

  2. ecinc says:

    No, thank you for re-posting!

  3. jessica c says:

    Thanks for drawing attention to the SchoolBOX cause and Jon’s amazing work with them, Eric. Having spent time with him in Nica, I can say the guy really is a superstar. Just returned from my 3rd visit down to build the Shirley Case School so got to see Jon in his element. If you get the opportunity, I highly recommend you go! I’ve done a lot of cool things in my life and this one tops them all so far.

    • ecinc says:

      I’m doing more and more work with them it seems. I’m looking forward to a trip down there in the spring. We’ll have to chat about it all some day…

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