Two steps forward, one step back?

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Is that such a bad thing? I found that you can’t simply steam ahead all the time with your foot on the gas. We are not machines!

After a very busy end of the summer and start to the fall, I needed a bit of a break recently. I used to frown upon breaks but I now embrace them. Realizing you need a break doesn’t mean you’re a weakling. Au contraire! I’ve been seeing that recharging the batteries and having a little perspective really goes a long way.

I found this recent weekend was very beneficial. Not only did I have a great meeting with one of our partners and attend the CanFitPro conference while in Calgary, I actually got to slow down the pace and look back at the last few months. I find being in a different setting really helps with that. It made me really thankful for all that I’ve accomplished recently.

Perspective really helps with running as well. I’ve been caught up in the past trying to keep up with the Joneses. In the world of running and triathlon, it’s very easy to measure yourself up with others as results are published a mere hours after the race. There’s not much of a grey zone as you know exactly how you placed!

I’ve been known to take away the value of an entire weekend by how I placed in my age group. Good or bad, I would let the results dictate my mood.

That can be quite a danger to the psyche since most races actually attract some of the best in the region and even in the country. If you run as a hobby, you should treat it as a hobby. I’m slowly coming to that conclusion on my own. It took a while…

Now I’m trying to be thankful at every race, whether I place first or last. It’s all about taking a few steps forward and a few steps back sometimes. At least I can say I get out there. How’s that for perspective?

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  1. Jackie says:

    Great post! I can totally relate. It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘numbers’ and comparing yourself to others. Letting go of that is a freeing feeling (but difficult to do!) I’ve come to this realization earlier this year – relaxing and slowing down is nothing to feel guilty about.

  2. Great message Eric!

    I think the same way. My running philosophy is “running is just another adventure”. I have learned to take every run and convert it in to an experience. It doesn’t matter if I placed last, the fact that I got out and shared an experience with fellow runners is good enough for me.

    Since I have changed my mentality towards running, my running has surprisingly improved. I am faster and less tired. Like I always say, running is 80 percent mental 19 percent physical and 1 percent luck. Now that I have conquered the mental part and I enjoy my runs as a new adventure, the other 20 percent just comes naturally.

    Keep up the great posts!

  3. Great post Eric! I agree 100%! I have been guilty for being someone who doesn’t know how to/doesn’t like to take breaks but I have been taking more time for myself and find I am a lot more rested and happier!

    Glad that you enjoyed the Can Fit Pro conference…I always love the one in Toronto…would be fun to go to Calgary though!

    We need a catch up session/run/coffee soon…


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