What did you do last summer? Aka #APGala…

What did you do last summer? Aka #APGala…

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Most of you know of my involvement with SchoolBOX, a local non-profit which involves local kids and groups to build schools in Nicaragua. (P.S. They’re actually hosting a cool event this coming Friday if you’re bored, the ever… Read More

What is #SUP? Say that fast three times!

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I did the  StandUp for CHEO  fundraiser yesterday. One word for it: Awesome! For those who don’t know what Stand Up Paddling is, it’s basically a surfboard with a long paddle. It sounds easy but it’s a bit tricky at first… Read More

Anyone else have the February blues?

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It’s been a weird February to say the least. I’m not on here to complain but like my buddy Scotty says, people should keep it real! It’s been a long month for me and I’m not just talking about the leap… Read More

Running tips from around the world!

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See below for some tidbits, blog posts and articles that caught my eye recently. It’s a worldwide edition! From the UK, here is an article that explains the correlation between height/weight and speed. It has an interesting look at many marathon champions over… Read More

What do I do? Funny you should ask…

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I get that question a lot whenever I meet someone new. I’m sure you get it too. It must be that people love to label folks rather quickly. I usually say I do a lot of things. At… Read More

V-log: How to start running the ChiRunning way…

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This week in my video blog, I give people a few tips to get started. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on that topic so I thought I would try to answer some this way: [youtube=] So… Read More

ChiRunning: I’m a celebrity! Not really…

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So my sponsor (Ford of Canada) and the lovely Kristine at Thornley Fallis set up a spot on “A” Morning last week to talk about ChiRunning and my recent race. Here is how it turned out: [youtube=] I’ve always… Read More