Recap from the Solefit Orthotics’ Natural Running Seminar

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Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it was great time at the Solefit Orthotics’ Natural Running Mechanics Seminar. Held at the new Convention Centre, it had an audience of over 120 people (by my guess-timate).

Solefit’s Ryan Grant and Neil Rosenthal opened up the talk about the science of natural (barefoot) running style. Two great presenters. To me, one of the highlight of the day was a clip put on Neil (I looked for it on YouTube, no dice). Not only it is laugh out loud funny, it also illustrates a great point: a lot of people look quite humorous when they run.

Local legend Ray Zahab followed the Solefit folks and he did his usual amazing storytelling. He talked about his incredible running journey and sprinkled some amazing details along the way. He also showed us some footage and photos of the work he’s doing with his new charity, Impossible2Possible.

We took a short break and then heard from Francine Eastwood from the PSI Runner’s Clinic in Kanata. I’ve had the pleasure of doing some work with Francine before so I wasn’t surprised by the fact that she rocked it. She knows her stuff and she’s a great presenter. And funny!

The information presented yesterday wasn’t all that new to since a lot of was presented to me when I took Blaise Dubois’ course but it was nice to see a few different slants on it.

I saw a lot of people who I have taught, a lot of local running superstars and a lot of local health professionals. It was also a networking bonanza as a lot of people

All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

A great run yesterday (and today) in San Francisco. I don’t want to rub it in too much but let’s just say running by the ocean (in shorts nonetheless) has its merits!

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