V-log: Contest – What does ChiRunning mean to you?

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This week I’m switching it up a bit and going to the crowd (you!) to find out what ChiRunning means.



What does it mean to you?

And here’s another good article by the Globe and Mail’s Nicole Stevenson on the benefits of rest and breaks within the training regimen.

Enjoy! Maybe with a beer? Haha…

3 Responses to V-log: Contest – What does ChiRunning mean to you?

  1. Running effortlessly…being aware of my posture/cadence/arm swing…running made easy and therefore being FUN!! It is the ONLY way to run as it prevents injuries!!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Learning to run – for the first time ever – where it doesn’t hurt (even while rehabbing a knee injury), tire me out and/or make me sore afterward. Running has become more than just a form of training for soccer; it’s become an activity I’m starting to enjoy. (For those that know me, this is a big step!) I don’t need things to distract me while running anymore – again, a big step! – the run, my form and my surroundings are becoming my focus. It’s an efficient and proactive approach to running and injury prevention.
    And as a chiropractor, this technique makes me happy – better form, better posture, better health!

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