Golf Fitness

I’m glad to have added a recent Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Fitness Professional accreditation to my toolbox. As an avid golfer and a fitness professional, this was a logical next step to help my clients.

For those who don’t know what TPI ( is, it’s basically the fitness aspect of golf. I’m not a golf pro (yet) but I can look at your physical limitations and see how you can improve your fitness (strength, mobility and stability) so you can improve your golf swing. Most of the work TPI fitness professionals do resolves around a golf screening, which takes people through 12 physical tests to determine limitations.

Depending on the results, individualized exercises will be prescribed to help with those limitations and explain the reasoning behind them. Building awareness through drills and exercises will also make you more informed about the biomechanics of golf. The great thing is there is newfound research on the fitness and biomechanics of golf, and with the help of video analysis, it can propel your game to the next level.

Combining the knowledge of how the body works during the golf swing with over 10 years of coaching will allow me to work with every level of athlete and provide specific tips for each person.

Making you fitter, more flexible and a better athlete will allow you to become a better golfer and most importantly, enjoy it more!

Contact me to schedule a golf screening or look for a workshop in your area.