What are you all about? Branding 101…

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It’s looking to be another hectic week so I decided to write this on a quiet Sunday night. As you’re probably aware, I inspire myself from my day-to-day and this post is no different!

I was recently part of a branding exercise and it made me think. What am I all about? Do what I think I’m about and what I project the same thing? I know these are not easy questions for a Monday morning but bear with me. There is also a great clip at the bottom to help you if you’re in need of a chuckle this morning…

You don’t need to be a celebrity or a local news anchor to think about your brand. Everyone has a brand. And it’s not a bad thing. Think of it as a vibe that you’re putting out there.

Branding has a lot to do with the images and the words you associate with an object, or yourself in this case. Let’s play a game (who doesn’t love games?)! I’ve been asked a tough question recently and let’s see if you want to play along. What three words best describe you?

Here is what I came up with:

  1. Driven
  2. Energetic
  3. Positive

Branding can also be applied to you in many ways. What kind of person are you? What kind of runner are you? The great thing about branding is that it’s never too late to re-brand yourself. For some great examples, look at Apple in its early days and more recently Old Spice with their new campaign, which went viral pretty quickly and dislodged your old memories of the brand.

Which runner are you? Check out the five examples below and let me know which one most closely resembles you!


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