NatCapTri Recap: The good, the bad and the next steps (Part II)

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I actually had a good time on Saturday at the race but see below for a few rookie mistakes that I did. There are a few, too many for an experienced person if you ask me. That’s the problem with experience, sometimes it makes you sloppy. Lesson learned.

  • Don’t try anything new on race day: I hadn’t used my tri bike as much as I should have and I hadn’t used my aero helmet at all (maybe it’s because it makes me look like a sperm head). My neck felt it after 30mins or so.
  • Pack the night before: I forgot my watch and I blame that on packing the morning of. Bad Eric. Granted I did come back rather late from a great Daniel Tosh show in Montreal but that’s not really an excuse.
  • Train for the event: Like I mentioned yesterday, this race came about rather quickly thanks to a deal with Ford (merci encore!) but it didn’t leave me much time to train properly for a race. There is a difference between being fit and being trained for an event, especially something as “short” as an Olympic.
  • Being comfortable on raceday is no fun the next day: You can be pretty comfortable in your training and get better but race day it’s all about pushing yourself. Or else you feel regret the next day, and even the minute you cross the finish line.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy that I raced. I’m eternally grateful that I can do an Olympic Triathlon on minimal training. I just wish I would have done a bit better at the race, especially since that result will be on forever… Haha

If you know me at all, you know that I’m not really good at being content with things. I’m working on it!

This race definitely motivated me, now join me tomorrow for what is next for me!

Anyone out there do the race? How did you find it?

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