I love you Yellowknife!

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What a great few days spent in the great Northwest Territories. And like my homeboy MLK, it all started with a dream. A dream and a friend we call Sexual Chocolate… A few months ago my friend Mark… Read More

Looking back…

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It`s funny, I`ve been hanging out with some friends from university who remember me as a 300lbs football player. They always ask me how I became a runner. I tell them it was something that didn`t really happen… Read More

Video Blog: Why I heart Yin Yoga

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Folks, See above for the latest installment of my video blog. Today I’m switching it up and talking about why I love Yin Yoga so much! *** I’m getting rather excited! As part of the ECinc Cross Canada Tour… Read More

Your breath should be your best friend

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And I’m not talking about your minty fresh breath with Scope! I’m talking about breathing in general. Along with shoes, breathing is one of the of the questions I get the most. I found I learned a lot… Read More

This challenge is blowing up!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you’re not on the Facebook, you’ve probably heard of the BodyByVi 90 day challenge. What is it? Why should I care? Here are my top 5 reasons why I think the challenge… Read More

Cette fois ci, en francais!

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Certaines personnes m’ont demandé de faire quelques commentaires dans la langue de Molière… Alors, tada! Je ne donne pas de cours en français présentement, mais j’ai souvent des francophones dans mes ateliers. Le dernier atelier que j’ai présenté… Read More

Like a hug from Mom…

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We had another Monday night drop in session , but this one was a chilly one! It was a smaller turnout than last week’s 50 or so but it’s nice to see some diehards come out (some with their mitts and tuques tonight) rain or shine…. Read More

How do people change?

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In my humble opinion, awareness is the greatest agent for change. You also need a desire to change, but if you don’t have an awareness of where you are, it’s hard to find that desire. I was doing… Read More

Does form matter?

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That’s what Runner’s World asks this month in this great article . If you’re a follower of this blog or know me at all, you know I would say a big YES! I love it since it highlights what I’ve… Read More

The shoes? It’s gotta be the shoes!

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Shoes is one of the topics I get asked the most when I do talks or teach workshops. In the running world, t’s almost as controversial as stretching! My advice with shoes is as follows: 1) Less is… Read More

Goals video part 4: Making goals real!

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Folks, Sorry for the delay but here is part four of my goal setting series. Today I’m chatting about writing goals down and making them visible to make them real. Enjoy! And as always, feedback is appreciated! (And… Read More

We did it! (Well almost…)

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So my brother and I set out on a little adventure yesterday. His crazy idea was to bike to Montreal. I went along for the ride figuratively. We actually had a great time! A few things we didn’t… Read More

Breathe in the moment…

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I’m almost done reading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle . Thanks to those who recommended it, what an mind-opening book! The one overarching theme I’m getting from the book is to live in the moment. I’ve already started applying it to my day-to-day with… Read More

Women are taking over the world…

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Well the running world anyways! ;) As per some recent Running USA stats (looking at registrations at races over the past few years), women are slowly taking over the racing sport of running. For the time ever, more women are entering road… Read More

The importance of down time

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Folks, I hope you had yourselves a nice long weekend! I sure did. A bit of fun outside, a bit of work and some great fun with friends. I headed to the GTA for a workshop in Markham… Read More

Goal setting video, part deux

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See below for the second installment of my goal setting video series, in near-HD quality! [youtube=] As always, please provide some feedback. What did you like? Didn’t like? What do you want to see in future videos? Any… Read More

The first video for my blog, goal accomplished!

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Folks, To continue the discussion on goal setting we started last week, check out the video I made this aft: [youtube=]

People are funny…

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It never ceases to me amaze me. People are funny! It seems everyone wants it all AND they expect to have it fall on their lap whenever they simply wish for it. I’ll be honest, I’m guilty of this mindset… Read More

How many have you done?

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Folks, I was just reading an article in the Windsor Star on this lazy Saturday morning about the top 10 marathons around the world. It was interesting the criteria used. I guess they simply picked all the popular ones… How many have you… Read More

Why can’t we all get along?

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I’ve been taking some heat recently for claiming that ChiRunning can make you run like a Kenyan. It think something got lost in the translation. My point was not that Kenyans use ChiRunning but rather that using the… Read More

We’re going mainstream!

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Another running magazine has an article about the minimalist movement. This month’s Running Times has an article entitled “Minimalist Shoes: Minimal Goes Mainstream, Lightweight trainers and racers aimed at helping you run better”  by Brian Metzler. Great factual article, looking at how shoes impact your stride and how you minimalist shoes can help you build… Read More

It seems all the scientists agree!

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And it seems that exercise is good for you! Who knew? Another recent  study , this one out of Hamilton’s McMaster University, shows that endurance exercise can stop you from looking and feeling old and may even help you… Read More

Can you be taught to run like a Kenyan?

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You might not be as fast but I think you can enjoy it as much and look almost as pretty! I’m a true believer that you can learn to run properly. I’m a perfect case study.  Being fairly heavy… Read More

Is running bad for your joints?

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I just came across an article in Metro this week looking at running and its impact on the joints. It seems running isn’t bad for your joints. Who knew?!? Haha! The article talks about the assumption that running, especially in older… Read More

Why ChiRunning?

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I was pondering that very question this morning while drinking my second (or was it my third) cup of coffee? Regardless of what I come up for reasons (and you’ll see my rationale soon), I’m glad I did!… Read More