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I’ve been taking some heat recently for claiming that ChiRunning can make you run like a Kenyan. It think something got lost in the translation. My point was not that Kenyans use ChiRunning but rather that using the principles of ChiRunning will make the average Joe run more Kenyan-like.

I have not talked to my buddies in Kenya to see if they use the principles of y’chi or really feel if they have a level pelvis just yet. Something about really high long distance charges and a language barrier. ChiRunning at its very root is all about proper biomechanics. Kenyans, who have been running for years (mostly with no to little shoes) do not really need to be taught proper biomechanics.

Most weekend warriors do. So that’s where ChiRunning comes in. It’s a great technique to learn to run like a Kenyan, but probably not as fast. That’s all I was saying.

On a slightly different note, I’ve been making some inroads with spreading the word of ChiRunning in Southern Ontario. I had a great talk at the Running Miles spring registration on Wednesday night in Tecumseh, with Dr. Todd Small’s group. I also had a great lunch and learn session with the Harrow Physiotherapy Centre today.

The fun continues this weekend with a workshop at the University of Windsor on Sunday afternoon. Message me with you have any questions!

If you’re looking for a good local race, you should check out the Physio Race. The 2011 edition will happen next weekend (Sunday, April 17). They have a 2k, a 5k and a 10k (and relays) to choose from so there’s something for everyone. I think a lot of runners depend on physios from time to time to keep them running so this is a great way to pay homage and to contribute to a great cause.

All the details are available on the link above. I did it a few years ago and I can vouch that it’s well organized and fast!

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