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I’m not even talking about the BodyByVi challenge!

When I started this blog a few months ago, I wasn’t sure if it would achieve some of the goals I set for it. What I was really looking forward was to get some feedback and connect with you folks. I was also hoping to get some information to people on a more regular basis about running, fitness and nutrition.

Well it seems to be working. I just hit 5000 views this week. I’m not going to be a celebrity blogger anytime soon but it means at least I’m not just writing it for my Mom and my favourite aunt.

It’s nice to talk to people once in a while and they bring up a recent blog post. I also find it really cool to be able to connect from people all over the country and the world.

To be honest, I didn’t think I was interesting enough to blog and have people follow me. I’ve since realized it’s not about that. It is a bit of a risk but it’s about putting yourself out there and hoping you bring value to people.

Now if something big happens and some people I know ask me about it, I have the urge to simple say, check my blog! But I’ll still update you if you ask nicely… ;)

Now here’s the feedback part. What would you like to see for the next 5000 views? Any suggestions for another v-blog series?

Some of you might have already seen it but see below for a great video. I thought it was very inspiring and it will get me out the door next time I feel too old for something…


Thank you Dana for that. (And you’re not too old to learn to love running!)

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