How do people change?

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In my humble opinion, awareness is the greatest agent for change. You also need a desire to change, but if you don’t have an awareness of where you are, it’s hard to find that desire.

I was doing a quick session yesterday with someone new and a lightbulb went on after we chatted for a bit and I adjusted her posture. She wasn’t really aware that she’s hadn’t been standing very efficiently on a regular basis. If you don’t realize you’re doing something (or not doing it), how are you supposed to change?

This is one of the aspects of ChiRunning I love the most. The technique really brings a lot of awareness to people. Some people might not want to commit the time needed to learn the technique properly but they leave my intro session with some great drills and way more awareness on how the body works.

It’s not all about puppy dogs and unicorns though. Awareness brings out the good and the bad! We seem to have a fixation with the negative so we can concentrate on that when it comes to our attention. When I do video analysis, I try to preface the chat with the fact that I will point out a few shortcomings but not to take it personally. And I make sure to point out a lot of things they are doing right.

The great thing about knowing the bad is that you can now take steps to improve the situation so in my mind it’s a win-win. So don’t be like the chicken in the cartoon and try to forget about the bad, that will not help you in the long run (pun intended)!

A big thank you to Anthony Ongskibongki for all his help with my foray into videos. The guy knows his stuff! You will be able to see some new stuff next week as I continue my goal setting series!

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