People are funny…

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It never ceases to me amaze me. People are funny!

It seems everyone wants it all AND they expect to have it fall on their lap whenever they simply wish for it. I’ll be honest, I’m guilty of this mindset from time to time. But then I remind myself that rewards come to those who plan and work for them.

I get a lot of people asking me for advice on running, nutrition and the sort. They want to run a fast and pain-free marathon in a month without a base of running or lose 20 pounds in a month without any sacrifices. Sorry, it doesn’t happen that way. And a lot of people tune me out when I start talking about training plans or running four times a week or cutting out junk food and eating sensibly.

What makes us want it all without any real work? And to actually expect it? Or say one thing and do another, but that’s another entry for another day…

I also get a lot of people who tell me that I’m lucky to have my own company or to set my own schedule. Lucky I ask? Maybe these people don’t see all the work I do behind the scenes or the risks I take. Trust me, working 9 to 5 in an office is a lot safer and less worrisome than starting your own business. But not nearly as fun or exciting!

But it has nothing to do with luck I say…

The great thing with surrounding yourself with some great positive people is that you get to share their energy (and hopefully not suck it out of them). And you get to share resources. Like this wonderful link to a recent v-blog post by Robin Sharma, courtesy of Tania from

Final reminder for tonight’s seminar in Kanata on triathlon, ChiRunning, functional training and nutrition with three local experts. It’s gonna be informative and fun!

For all the details and to register, check out this link.

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