Like a hug from Mom…

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We had another Monday night drop in session, but this one was a chilly one!

It was a smaller turnout than last week’s 50 or so but it’s nice to see some diehards come out (some with their mitts and tuques tonight) rain or shine. Like Mike Stashin (the other instructor) pointed out, the people who came out got a lot more of personal attention. So more power to them for braving the elements to improve their running.

Those people are what makes me love my job. There’s always a few people who go above and beyond the norm to learn something. It’s always those people who succeed in their endeavours and some people wonder why…

I will be away for a few weeks from the Monday sessions since we take the long weekends off and then I have teaching gigs in Yellowknife and Halifax. But come check it out if you’re around Ottawa, you’re looking to improve your ChiRunning technique or if you’re curious what it’s all about.

It’s not always sunny and 20 degrees so sometimes in life it’s nice to get some comfort food to make for it. For me tonight, that cup of hot cocoa after the session was like a hug from my Mom. Too bad she’s a bit far these days…

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