Women are taking over the world…

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Well the running world anyways! ;) As per some recent Running USA stats (looking at registrations at races over the past few years), women are slowly taking over the racing sport of running. For the time ever, more women are entering road races then men.

It’s been quite a run for women (pun intended)! To think that they weren’t even to run in the early editions of many major marathons since they weren’t considered strong enough. Now we’re seeing some amazing ultramarathon females finishing ahead of top men on a regular basis.

I’m quite okay with that! I don’t know why but the vast majority of my workshops are made up of women. I have my theories about that but I’d love to hear what you think.

1) I think men find it hard to being told what to do.

2) Also, men don’t like to admit that we don’t know everything about a subject. I used to be like that before I realized I don’t really know much in the past few years…

3) I also think that going back to my main point that women are flocking to running, they’re looking to see how to best do it. And word of mouth seems to be fairly strong in some circles due to the bonding effect.

4) Also, a lot of clients come to me from yoga, which is dominated by women. I’m starting to see a lot more men in the classes though!

What do you think?

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  1. Jim Bollinger says:

    Men will hired a coach with more experience and a broader background in running

  2. From a woman’s perspective, I think we like being with people to learn things together. Women tend to be more inclined to create community, so a workshop is great for coming together. And you’re totally right about word of mouth, we’re great talkers. I also think the fact you’re seeing a lot of yoginis is a testament to the idea that lots of women want to find a gentle way to run great. I personally don’t want to push myself to the max but I do want to step outside my yoga zone with something I can do outside in the summer, by myself. It’s pretty meditative to get out there for an hour and leave my worries and boyfriend at home…especially if I’m pms’n….!!!

    Do you find there’s more women in run clubs than men too?

    • ecinc says:

      Thanks for the info Fjola, great point.

      And yes, the majority of Run Club attendees are women… I never said I was complaining…

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