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Another running magazine has an article about the minimalist movement. This month’s Running Times has an article entitled “Minimalist Shoes: Minimal Goes Mainstream, Lightweight trainers and racers aimed at helping you run better” by Brian Metzler.

Great factual article, looking at how shoes impact your stride and how you minimalist shoes can help you build some more awareness in your feet and make you a better runner.

It also talks about how learning good running form is a great investment in your health and your future, but you should really ease into it.

Let me know what you think!

Are you looking to dip your toes into the world of triathlon? Get in better shape? Try something new? Get more informed about nutritional choices?

I’m proud to announce the first ever Spring into Action Seminar, to be held in Kanata next Wednesday, April 13, from 7-9pm at Mlacak Centre, Hall D (2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata). It’s $20 and featured speakers include:

Eric Collard (me!)
• Certified ChiRunning instructor and triathlon coach
• Lululemon Run Ambassador

John Sokolowski, CSCS
• Fitness expert who operates Athlete365 personal training studio in Kanata
• Former Olympian (Salt Lake City, 2002)

Matt Britt
• Founding distributor with the Body By Vi 90 day challenge
• Strength & Conditioning Coach

Come and learn from the experts on triathlon, functional training and sports nutrition!

For all the details or to register, simply click here.

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