Breathe in the moment…

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I’m almost done reading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. Thanks to those who recommended it, what an mind-opening book!

The one overarching theme I’m getting from the book is to live in the moment. I’ve already started applying it to my day-to-day with some success. It’s not easy though, since we love to react to things as a human, but it really makes you aware of how the mind works.

Another great point I got from the book is to breathe through issues. I picked up the habit from yoga a few years back and it really helped in running and triathlon, especially when training/racing long distance. I only used the soothing breath when I was holding on to stress and/or pain physically. Now this book taught me that I can use it to relax the mind emotionally so I started doing that. Awesome! 

I’ve also had a great conversation with a golf pro recently about breathing and being in the moment in sports. He was talking about the best golf he played in years was when he just concentrated on his breathing and let his body take care of the physical stuff. I guess the fact that he shot some of his best rounds ever to win the tournament is a good testament to the fact that this stuff works!

Oh yeah, go out there and vote! And don’t forget to breathe it all in!

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