Can #ChiRunning be useful for short distances like a 5k?

Can #ChiRunning be useful for short distances like a 5k?

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I taught Intro to ChiRunning workshops on both days this past weekend. Not only did we get unreal weather, I also had the pleasure of teaching two wonderful groups. One of the participants on Saturday emailed on Sunday… Read More

Lessons from another early morning #ChiRunning session…

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It’s getting colder by the week. At least I won’t overheat these days! I really lost myself this morning while I was running. Today I was concentrating on my arm swing. I felt fluid and awake, and the… Read More

NatCapTri Recap: The good, the bad and the next steps (Part I)

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So I did another triathlon on the weekend. This wasn’t planned that far ahead but I’m glad I did. I’ll tell you a few reasons why today, a few reasons I wasn’t tomorrow and what I’m planning for… Read More

Goals part five – Final thoughts

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Folks, See below for the fifth and final part of the my goal setting series. I’ve done a bit of editing on this one (thank you Anthony for the tips), so let me know what you think! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzjmmjCnw5w]

I’m on my way back!

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I was at the pool today, doing an easy swim workout while I’m still rehabbing my shoulder. As I completed my 1k workout, I remembered the good old days of doing 4-5k per session (and that’s nothing compared to… Read More

Leaving on a jet plane

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I love travelling, I don’t know why. It’s even better these days since most of my travel is business related (and thus a business expense)! I find travel makes you change your mood and state of mind instantly…. Read More