Musings from the road and #RudyCamp

Musings from the road and #RudyCamp

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Here are some random thoughts and musings from the road trip down to North Carolina and the first day here:

  • People in the US are probably worse than texting while driving than Canadians. And they talk on the phone while driving with the phone on their ear like nobody’s business
  • People down here don’t really grasp the concept of right lane/left lane on the highways. It seems they just pick their favourite lanes and stick to it regardless of speed
  • I almost finished a big book on the way. I was doing my “university on wheels” bit, listening to “Practical Wisdom”. Stay tuned for the book report
  • You have to love Southern hospitality. I’ve had more “thank you Sir” and “have a great day now” since I’ve been here than I can remember. It never gets old and always puts a smile on my face!
  • It’s always service with a smile. A lot of the time though, you hope you don’t have to go anywhere quick since no one is in a hurry. Not always bad to take your time…
  • We are definitely in the Bible Belt. There are churches everywhere and they were packed for Easter service. I went out to get my spiritual lift while we ran in the morning
  • There are not many things better than the first outdoor ride of the year. Especially when the roads are smooth with no cracks from the freeze/thaw cycles. It doesn’t mean my sit bones won’t be sore tomorrow. Thank God for chamois cream!
  • Sweet tea isn’t very good. I’m not even sure it would be an acquired taste
  • Southerners love them some trucks. They probably outnumber cars here
  • Isn’t it awesome hang out in shorts in March. And be warm. It never gets old…
  • Loving the pines! They have a different smell and it’s hard to describe but oh so sweet. Staying in Southern Pines so there are tons around
  • Last but not least: Good thing I don’t live in the US. If I did, I would probably be an alcoholic, obese and unemployed. Everything is so cheap and yummy/fatty

Stay tuned for more triathlon-related tidbits later this week. It’s already been a lot of fun shaping my days around my run, cycle, swim and golf workouts!

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