#Crowdsource your life!

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I try to practice what I preach. Since I’ve been involved with crowdsourcing for the past year or so, I’ve incorporated it into my day-to-day.

If I’m looking for a good restaurant in a new city, I usually post something on Twitter or Facebook and let my peeps guide me. I haven’t been steered wrongfully yet!

I do the same thing with a lot of other things these days, i.e. car dealers, professionals, etc. With the connections through social media these days, it’s so easy and pain-free. And you might be surprised where the good stuff comes from…

I’m even getting friends to do it. Recently my buddy Rob was looking for some suggestions for running-related books. I told him to post something on his Facebook wall so I can share with my contacts, a lot of them being into running. Within a day, he had close to a dozen suggestions which he’s still enjoying to this day. Love it!

Crowdsourcing is increasingly omnipresent. Google uses a form of crowdsourcing though their algorithm although I trust my friends more than SEO. You can always ask your neighbours but I think my contacts know me better these days. You can also go old school and look in the Yellow Pages. Okay, maybe not. Do those even still exist?

If you want to know more about crowdsourcing, see a recent post I wrote for the Intersol blog on the subject. It’s my definition of crowdsourcing in 300 words or so!

And see above for a cool video on the subject.

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