We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties…

We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties…

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I remember seeing that screen when I was a wee boy. It always got me frustrated since it meant my beloved cartoons weren’t playing. All these years later and not much has changed.

We’ve come a long way with respect to technology but I still get as frustrated when things don’t work as planned. Two major examples really tripped me up in the past year.

I had some major issues with my BlackBerry in the summer. It was running slow and always freezing. BlackBerry isn’t making it easy for us to be fans these days. Anyway, upgraded to a newer handset and it took care of most of the problems. Just a few more $ and a new 3-year contract, right? All I have to say is BlackBerry 10 better be amazing!

And the one that’s really getting to me is this laptop issue. My second Toshiba laptop got fried in less than two years (obviously a few months after the warranty expired). I got a new one (an HP this time) but it came pre-loaded with Windows8 which causes all kinds of problems with work. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, #firstworldproblems but it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

I’m a pretty easy going guy but I lose patience rather easily when it comes to technology not working the way it should, especially on my laptop or my BlackBerry. When it works, I love that technology can help me work from wherever and make me way more efficient. But when it doesn’t… Rrrr!

I guess we’re now slaves to the technology. We take a lot of this stuff for granted but I think these tools make it very hard to It’s very hard to do what I do with just a rotary phone and a notepad unfortunately…

And for those looking for something running related, check out this article from 2010 on improving the range of motion with your hips. I see it often (and I’m a big culprit) when folks sit all day and then get injured trying to just get out and run hard.

Not a huge fan of stretching but doing these independently (not right before or after a run) could really help the range of motion and keep injuries at bay.

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