I’m on my way back!

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I was at the pool today, doing an easy swim workout while I’m still rehabbing my shoulder. As I completed my 1k workout, I remembered the good old days of doing 4-5k per session (and that’s nothing compared to what real swimmers do). And I got sad.

I’ve only swam a dozen times or so in the past year since my shoulder would hurt simply driving. I’ve been getting ART treatments from Dr. Geoff Outerbridge at the Holistic Clinic for the past month or so and I can now swim pain-free. He almost makes me cry during the treatments but I feel like Michael Phelps when he’s done. He’s a magician!

I was just trying to relax out there so I can enjoy it and just employing my ChiRunning principles (engaging the core and relaxing the limbs). Like (ChiRunning founder) Danny Dreyer says, it all starts from the core! He also mentioned that Total Immersion Swimming is a program from his brother from a different mother (Terry Laughlin).

It got me thinking that I’m actually looking forward to getting started again with B-Train this summer. As most of you know, swimming is my least favourite (and worst) of the three triathlon sports. I don’t really know how she does it but somehow Coach Andrea makes swimming fun. It helps that we’re swimming outside at the RA, but most mornings I’m glad to get up at a crazy hour to do laps. I know!

So now I’m getting pumped at the thought of actually competing in tri’s this summer for the first time since 2008!

Speaking of slowly getting back on the wagon, check this out if you’re looking to improve your bike fitness this spring. Fellow ChiRunner (and Personal Training Specialist) Byron Johnson is partnering with the Ottawa Sports Performance Centre for some Spring Fever Cycling. He’s doing some free demo’s next week and the program starts in April. Contact him for more info as this won’t let me upload PDF’s.

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