Lessons from another early morning #ChiRunning session…

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It’s getting colder by the week. At least I won’t overheat these days!

I really lost myself this morning while I was running. Today I was concentrating on my arm swing. I felt fluid and awake, and the sun had just come up!

The great thing is that once you’ve got the basics down pat, ChiRunning becomes a trance-like session. I got to go inside my body and feel a few things. Pretty cool stuff.

I taught another great group on the weekend and one thing I’m starting to figure out is that this ChiRunning is not easy when you’re just starting out. I’m a bit biased since I really got started on the fast track (in the instructor stream).

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let me know. I would love to help. If I can give you one piece of advice is really to go back to the gradual progress bit (aka baby steps!). Just pick one aspect and work on that. And forget everything else for that moment.

Once you’re getting the hang of that, move on to the next aspect. Before you know you’ll be a ChiRunning superstar!

Also, a great recent article by Nicole Stevenson, a fast Canadian marathoner in the Globe and Mail. It provides five ways (or practitioners) that can help you with some injuries. I would add a sixth, the athletic therapist. The good thing is that if you’re ChiRunning, you’re less likely to need these folks…

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