Report from our latest #hftott TweetUp: Wine with Rob Beardall

Report from our latest #hftott TweetUp: Wine with Rob Beardall

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We had one of our funnest (yes it’s a word) TweetUp this week with a special wine-themed one on Tuesday night. We were hosted upstairs in the Guest Room by the good folks at Fresco Bistro Italiano. We… Read More

Announcing the next #hftott, a special wine-themed TweetUp

Announcing the next #hftott, a special wine-themed TweetUp

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Before I start about the good stuff, I should mention the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Boston. My thoughts are with those affected. Such a sad way to end a great day for most. To be honest, I think events… Read More

Some recommendations from around my life!

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I hope you enjoyed the inspirational and motivational video for this morning! Here are some more recommendations for this Saturday morning: Study:  Scientific Study Shows ChiRunning Technique Reduces Impact -A new 1-year study at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that the ChiRunning… Read More

What did you do last summer? Aka #APGala…

What did you do last summer? Aka #APGala…

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Most of you know of my involvement with SchoolBOX, a local non-profit which involves local kids and groups to build schools in Nicaragua. (P.S. They’re actually hosting a cool event this coming Friday if you’re bored, the ever… Read More

So far, so good in BC

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I’ve had a great time so far enjoying all that Beautiful British Columbia has to offer! I’ve been spending some QT with the Mom’s, enjoying nature through trail running and hiking and even doing some wine tasting at… Read More

It was awesome!

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I spent the weekend with my brother, his lovely girlfriend and 14 or so strangers in a cabin near Montebello. To be honest, I wasn’t so thrilled about the idea but since I don’t get to see my brother… Read More

Valentine’s Day Run Anyone?

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After running in -27 weather with my buddy B’s Knees this morning and enjoying every minute of it, it got me thinking that more people should get out and try it. If you dress properly, you’ll be surprised how… Read More