What is #SUP? Say that fast three times!

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I did the StandUp for CHEO fundraiser yesterday. One word for it: Awesome!

For those who don’t know what Stand Up Paddling is, it’s basically a surfboard with a long paddle. It sounds easy but it’s a bit tricky at first to get the balance thing down. But oh so much fun!

While I was on the 18k trek  from Mooney’s Bay to the NAC and back, I had time to think about the similarities between SUP’ing and life. It took us about five hours when you include the locks and all! Here are the highlights:

  1. Be efficient: Like most sports now, a lot of the success on a board has to do with using your core. You can just use your muscles but you will run out of steam in a short while. Sounds a bit like ChiRunning…
  2. There’s a method to the madness: Further to the first point, there’s a technique to SUP. It really helped to have a few experienced paddlers around. And like everything in life, a few tips from knowledgeable folks when you’re a novice makes a world of difference.
  3. Right equipment helps: I had been using my Mom’s board (board are basically rated for different weights and different usage) so using a board more suited for my size made a world of difference. Is your equipment right for you in your day-to-day? If not, it would be worth the time to make it happen now!
  4. Don’t take yourself so seriously: I was trying out different boards after the event and took a pretty nice wipeout trying to turn around a displacement board in the windy conditions. I might have looked like a tool but I enjoyed the refreshing dip!
All and all a great day. Let’s just say it won’t be the last time you hear from me on this subject…

And for those who missed it, here is my interview on CTV Morning Live I did last week for the upcoming CTV Presents Amazing People Gala in support of SchoolBOX.

And interested folks, see schoolbox.ca/gala for all the details. Tickets went on sale last week and it’s bound to be a sell-out!

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