Running tips from around the world!

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Homer might be wise to read these tips if he wants to win the race...

See below for some tidbits, blog posts and articles that caught my eye recently. It’s a worldwide edition!

From the UK, here is an article that explains the correlation between height/weight and speed. It has an interesting look at many marathon champions over the years and their “dimensions”.

From the US, here is a blog entry from Dr. Phil Maffetone about the new no pain no gain trends. Very interesting look at what’s better for you, slow or fast. Easy, he says to do it all!

From Canada and around the world, Blaise Dubois has put together a list of running injury specialists and their specialties. If you’re a bit of geek (like me) and want to know what science is saying about a specific aspect of running, check it out!

Blaise also has a recent blog post about running on snow. Check it out, maybe we’ll get some snow to run on shortly!

And locally, Mike Stashin and I will be holding a ChiRunning Development Session soon.

This session is designed for experienced Chi Runners who are looking for help refining their technique. The session will include drills designed to cover efficient lean, forward momentum using the lean, pelvic rotation and speed. Questions regarding other aspects of the technique will be welcomed and answered during the session.

It will be held on Sunday, February 26 from 3-5pm at the Louis Riel Dome (1659 Bearbrook Rd, Ottawa, ON). We will be charging $20 and proceeds will go to SchoolBOX, a local registered charity.

To register, please go to

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Mike ([email protected]) or me ([email protected]).

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