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I hope you enjoyed the inspirational and motivational video for this morning!

Here are some more recommendations for this Saturday morning:

Study: Scientific Study Shows ChiRunning Technique Reduces Impact

-A new 1-year study at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that the ChiRunning technique was found to produce less impact and higher efficiency, when compared with other common styles of running: the rearfoot strike and the anterior (forefoot) strike.

This is the first peer-reviewed, scientific study showing what our clients have told us all along; ChiRunning creates less impact than other running styles which translates into a lesser potential for injury.

Article: Find Your Chi (Running) in Runner’s World

-This article follows a chronically injured runner as he does a workshop and a 10-week ChiRunning program. From my experience, I’d say it’s a fairly typical for newbies. Baby steps…

 Last but not least some wine: Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

-I was introduced to this wine recently. I’ve know the vineyard for a while but in my humble opinion, this is probably their best value ever. A nice wine at an entry-level price ($9.95).

If this keeps true to tendencies, this price will go up very shortly. The same has happened with my last reco (J. Lohr Cab Sauv) and so many more.

Try it and let me know what you think!




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