The most popular #WellnessWednesdays episodes of 2017, as determined by you, the listeners!

The most popular #WellnessWednesdays episodes of 2017, as determined by you, the listeners!

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So 2017 was my first full year as a podcaster. A bit of a roller coaster ride where a small pilot project is quickly turning into a passion project!

See below for the top episodes for 2017 in terms of downloads. It’s a bit backloaded since a lot of the episodes weren’t uploaded to the new platform (Blubrry) until midway through the year but it gives you a good idea of what other folks enjoyed.

  1. Dr. Ruwan Amaratunga on sleep: This was by far the most popular episode. It’s fun since it aligns with my newfound obsession with sleep. And you can also check out Part 2 here.
  2. Lawrence Ringwald on sprinting: This was a great chat about running (mostly sprinting) and coaching with a former National Team member.
  3. Shannon Rector on racing: Shannon has done some pretty epic races (with little training). We also chat about Project November!
  4. Part 2 with Jessica Kuepfer: In this one we chat about endurance events (obviously) but we also look at gender issues. Her first one was also a classic.
  5.  Johana Kariankei on running (Tie): This gentleman from Kenya races and paces as a living. He’s also a gentle soul and loves to give back.
  6. Ben Leikin on mental health (Tie): This one looked at the issue but also what we can do to help ourselves and others in the workplace and at home.

P.S. I’ve taken a small break for the holidays but rest assured we will be back next week with a new episode you will most likely enjoy!

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