How you should feel after a big run/race…

How you should feel after a big run/race…

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So I just got back from a nice bike watching some folks run the half and full marathons around this beautiful city. I’ve done both of those races and some cool courses, even if it’s not my jam these days.

I literally feel their pain as I’ve been there in my younger days. They push themselves way too much on race day and run out of themselves. If you have my kind of outlook, running should be an energy in activity, not the other way around. If you’re really sore (and can’t walk) after a run, there’s something wrong with your training.

Look at all the top finishers, they’re running cool down laps after or in the case of our friend Dre Annie Jean, going for a bike ride this aft to enjoy the weather.

For sure the heat will be a surprise to some as this might be the first time this year it will be this hot and humid. Some liquids and electrolytes

There will be a post-event blues, you can’t really do anything about that, especially if this was a big race for you. Now you get to simply enjoy yourself but stay active to make sure you don’t lose all your fitness. Simply be active with no real agenda for a bit.

All this to say that a run shouldn’t take you out completely for weeks on end. I see it way too often with weekend warriors and after any local race. If you spend some time working on your base and your form, that problem can go away.

You can have an adult beverage or two but trust me when I say they will go to your head. The worse thing you can do after a big activity is to drink beers and fly home. Trust me, I’ve done it!

P.S. Take it easy on NSAID’s (Motrin, Naproxen, Advil, etc) today or any day really. Here is an article from Runner’s Connect explaining why…

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