Is running an “energy in” activity for you?

Is running an “energy in” activity for you?

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As I was checking out Mark Laham’s Yin by candlelight last week, he said something that really made me think. What activities do you do on a weekly basis to give energy back to yourself?

When it comes down to it, we spend energy doing most activities in our day-to-day. Thinking of working in an office, listening to friends vent about work, a strenuous workout, etc, just makes me tired thinking about it.

Running used to be in that category. I used to enjoy the act of running but I used to need a nap after a run of over an hour. And lots of food. And some treatment. And a foam roller.

Now it seems I can run for a long while and still have a goofy grin on my face. And I come back home energized, where I usually have more energy after my run then when I started. Almost magical, especially when you’re out for a few hours.

For me, some other energy in activities are:

  • Yoga: Almost all forms of yoga seem to energize me except maybe some hardcore power stuff
  • Cycling: On a nice day, I can get lost in my thoughts and go for a long while
  • Golf: If I concentrate on form, it seems I can play golf forever. If I’m trying to push it, I can feel it right away
  • Sauna/hot tub: I just spent part of yesterday at the Nordik Spa so you can imagine how zen I feel right now
  • Eating healthy: Nourishing your body with wholesome food brings you so much energy but you don’t realize it until you do it
  • Catching up with friends: Is there something better than full belly laughs with old friends?
So think about this when you’re getting up tomorrow. What activity will provide some energy for you? You can’t run on empty for long!

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