#SoberOctober anyone?

#SoberOctober anyone?

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It’s been a while since I blogged on here. Partly because I needed to recharge, partly I didn’t feel like I had much to contribute these days. Is there anything fresh to say after 750+ posts?

Anyway, I saw a great idea about going without alcohol for October. Pretty simple, right?

It seems there was a campaign in Canada even a few years back but no longer. It was about raising funds for cancer from what I could see.

Anyway, I decided that wouldn’t stop me from doing it (minus the fundraising). And maybe recruiting a few more folks?

I’m not really a huge drinker but it seems the habit can become a bit more frequent for me in the summer. I think a reset is usually not a bad thing in almost everything we do.

It also lines up nicely since I will be turning 40 next month. This should help me get into better shape too…

I’ve done it before, it can be fun. Especially if there’s gamification and/or friends are involved!

It’s fun to wake up refreshed. You can probably save a few bucks as well, and make a few less questionable choices, especially when it comes to food late at night.

If you want to sign up below (in comments), we can keep eachother accountable. And maybe come up with a prize?

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