New challenges for October!

New challenges for October!

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It’s a new month (where did September go?) and as you know, I’m a sucker for challenges, especially if they lead to self-improvement. Sometimes even if they don’t.

This month I’m doing a 30-day yoga challenge. I’m going to be doing yoga everyday this month, while following the lead from DoYouYoga. I’ve done a few of the days already as part of my practice and I really enjoy their approach. They have a different focus everyday and it really helps with defeating the monotony. It also helps that the host Erin Motz has a great demeanour and a pleasant voice since you have to hear it often.

I find doing yoga often and usually in shorter sessions helps me with my daily grind and active schedule. It helps to get rid of the soreness of the daily sitting and even the sometimes crazy activities I do.

This will be similar to my #31in31 challenge but with less running and more yoga. And I’m taking my lead from someone else on this one. The good thing is that like running, yoga can basically be done anytime anywhere with minimal equipment.

I won’t go into too many details into the second one but let’s just say I’m trusting the always entertaining Timothy Ferriss on this one. You can get all the details on his NOBNOM challenge on his blog here.

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