New challenge: 20 minute walk every day in November!

New challenge: 20 minute walk every day in November!

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I’ve been walking a lot more these days to stimulate the brain and the body. I even wrote a love letter to walking recently…

And people who read the blog know I love challenges. So why not combine both during my birthday month and also during a bit of a yucky month where it gets darked earlier and a tad colder. Don’t worry, the January run challenge will still happen so look at this as a good warm up.

I might be a day late on the blog but I started it on a high note, doing a nice morning stroll at a trail near my brother’s place after dropping off his kids at daycare. I walked off a few pieces of Halloween candy and it was a magical day for it!

All you have to do is put some shoes on, maybe a jacket and get out the door. I even combine it with cold exposure some days so walking out in the colder temperatures in shorts and a light shirt.

If you wanna run some, more power to you. Morning or night is irrelevant as well. Just try to get out every day!

Those who have dogs get a leg up but there are really no excuses for this one. Everyone I know can get out for a walk everyday for a short 20 minutes. If you have to, make your meetings walking meetings (loving those these days). If you don’t like the cold walk at a mall, although fresh outdoor air is always best.

So get out there, get the legs and the brain firing and enjoy the brisk air. Blame me at first but you’ll thank yourself after!

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