Don’t diss walking!

Don’t diss walking!

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I did for a long while. Why would you walk when you could run was my way of thinking!

Well as you get older your opinions change, trust me. These days I’m finding walking is great as it can be done without sweating and/or getting you too hungry. Those things come in handy sometimes. Walking is also great for getting around town and for sightseeing.

Even if it’s easier on the body than running, you still have to be careful. Pay attention to your form; Stay tall and remember that small steps are best. Engage your core so you’re not bending at the waist, a major faux-pas…

It’s weird but 15 years ago if you were walking around you were bored to tears. Now I like that it slows down my day with some opportunities to smell the roses and listen to the birds.

For me the biggest benefit is the mental aspect. It’s amplified if it’s outdoors in/near some trees I find. Part of the ChiRunning philosophy is to connect with nature. Do it!

It took a while for me to slow down the mind to be able to simply walk around without going loopy. I try to make my walks purposeful like heading to the store to pick up a few things and I’m really enjoying walking my Mom’s dog.

Like I’ve been mentioning, my focus in the past years was mostly on cardio fitness where now I’m just trying to feed my brain and stay healthy .

With my tracker, I make it a point to get my 10,000 steps daily and walking is becoming a bigger component of that. Don’t diss it until you try it, okay?

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