Interim Report: #WalkEverydayinNov

Interim Report: #WalkEverydayinNov

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I started a challenge earlier this month to walk everyday in November for at least 20 minutes. We’re more than halfway there and I can report it’s been simply terrific.

Most walks have been in the morning. First thing, with a delicious coffee of course! They haven’t all been warm but that’s part of the fun. I’m actually looking forward to some more snow as walks in the snow are usually fairly magical but I know those days are coming in spades. Maybe a good snowshoe before the end of the month?

The early morning walks seem to make the day better. It’s not easy to put it into words but it seems they bring clarity to my day and perspective to my life. I tend to plan the day mentally when I’m chasing the sunshine and waking up in the fresh air.

I’ve also run a few of these 20 minute sessions. I’m picked up my running partly due to this challenge and also to get ready for my next race in the spring. Stay tuned for that.

My FitBit helps a lot for motivation as these steps count towards my goal of having at least 10,000 steps per day. Walking meetings have also helped. Most people who I’ve suggested this to have been into it. Makes every conversation more fun.

The biggest difference has probably been the calming effect it has on me. It really reduces my day-to-day anxiety (yes, I have those as well) and injects space in my day. This month I’ve also concentrated on sleep so that those are two big steps in my wellness journey.

I still find it funny that I used to find walking boring and rather useless. And now it’s been one of my favourite activities over the past year.

Like I mentioned in the earlier post, walking (or moving) has been a Godsend with respect to my overactive brain. It’s very rare I come home without any good ideas or follow ups to perform.

This has been so good, I might need to keep this up for the long haul…

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