I teach to learn…

I teach to learn…

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So I’ve been teaching/coaching for most of my adult life. It got started as a high school football coach when I got injured in my last year of university. It was a way to stay connected with the game and the community.

Then it spread to spinning then running. Then it was golf fitness (TPI) and now Primal Health.

Over the past decade I’ve been lucky teaching runners all over this country, close to 1000 of them by now. And it all got started with a bit of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.

And even with my “real job” (Ottawa Media Group), I spent a lot of time teaching and training clients in media relations, changing platforms and those PR principles.

My teaching style has changed over the years from regurgitating as much info as possible to now trying to understand where people are and how I can take them to the next level, wherever that is. All along, it’s helped me become a better teacher, better practitioner and a better person.

The cool thing is that it all got started because I wanted to give back and pass along whatever knowledge I had. I’ve become better at whatever I was teaching, since it makes you learn it all over again.

I still get nervous when I teach big groups, asking myself if I know enough to be standing in front of those people. This was on display when I did a 2-day course for some military elite in Petawawa last year. When you get going, you then realize you’re providing some good info (let’s hope) and most people are in search of such information.

The best part of teaching is definitely the people. I’ve been lucky to be exposed to thousands of folks since I started teaching almost two decades ago. They’re all a small part of my teaching style now.

I guess I just have one thing to say: Thank you all!

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