Please call me Eric Collard, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Professional

Please call me Eric Collard, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Professional

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I know it’s a bit of a mouthful but we will all adapt in time… ;)

All kidding aside, I’m proud to say I finally took my TPI golf fitness certification exam on the weekend. And now I’ve got another tool in my tool box to help people out get out there and be active.

For those who don’t know what TPI is, it’s basically the fitness aspect of golf. I’m not a golf pro but I can look at your physical limitations and see how you can improve your fitness so you can improve your swing. Most of the work TPI fitness professionals do resolves around a screening, which takes people through 12 or so physical tests to determine limitations.

Depending on the results, we will prescribe exercises to help and explain the reasoning. The great thing is that there is tons of research on the fitness of golf now. There is a big new wave of golf about making better athletes so you can be a better golfer and enjoy it more.

It’s funny, I was showing a friend of mine who’s a golf pro some of the video analysis I do with some clients complete with a voice-over and he was asking me if I coach running or golf. A lot of the same principles apply including hip rotation, alignment and relaxation.

The big difference is that in golf the lower body is steady while the top rotates while it’s flipped in running. But a lot of terminology is similar and the big rocks are the same (hips, legs, core, etc).

So get ready for some articles and blog posts about another passion of mine!

As I did a talk for the CATSA Downtown Run Club, stretching came up again. It’s still quite controversial but here’s a good article from the New York Times blog about stretching about studies on the effects of stretching.

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