You can now call me Eric Collard, Primal Health Coach!

You can now call me Eric Collard, Primal Health Coach!

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Ooops, I did it again! Another year, another certification…

Similar to my ChiRunning and my TPI certs, I did it first and foremost to make myself a better athlete/golfer/runner. It also made a lot of sense since I love to teach. It’s becoming my life passion, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I was really drawn to Primal with its combination of science and real life application. Personally it really spoke to me with the chronic cardio. I really felt like hamster on a wheel most days, simply working out to get rid of some weight or work off the carbs I had eaten that day. Deep down I knew there had to be a better way but I hadn’t really found one that worked for me.

And no I’m not selling supplements or powders. Just trying to educate folks so they don’t rely on big food and the crap they put out there. 12 servings of grain a day? Who does that really help?

You might have heard of the program or its founder Mark Sisson. If you’re into health and/or fitness, you probably heard of Mark’s Daily Apple. That’s how it all got started!

Like every other course I’ve taken, it’s not perfect. I like that this approach is all about a spectrum, not all black and white. It also has a strong knowledge base and the instructors course taught me a lot about how the body works and how to optimize movement, rest and nutrition.

It’s a great look at the overall picture. It’s great if you have a good workout, but if you sleep like crap and eat crap, you won’t get the results you could be.

Stay tuned for talks and workshops all over the country and maybe the world. It’s all part of the plan, especially since it’s a nice compliment to my ChiRunning and other fitness background. And I’m one of only 18 certified coaches in Canada it seems. Check out the list here.

It all starts this Tuesday night (Jan 10) in downtown Ottawa with my first Become a fat burner talk! All the details are available here. I’ll also have another one next month for those who couldn’t make it so stay tuned to the website.

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