How to use Primal Laws to regain some of your youth in 2019!

How to use Primal Laws to regain some of your youth in 2019!

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I’ve seen the info below really help my quality of life even before I became a Primal Health Coach. These simple tips can really help you roll back the clock, as it did for me.

See below for my notes on how the 10 Primal Laws can help you!

  • Eat lots of animals, insects and plants: For most people, nutrition is the basis of wellness and the majority of us leave a lot to be desired. Whether you agree on the animal part, I think most people agree on eating real food. The less packaging the better, think broccoli, nuts and steaks.
  • Move around a lot at a slow pace: I started walking a lot more last year and it’s been good for my body and especially my mind (especially in nature). I also do the vast majority of my runs in very low HR zones so I don’t tax my fight or flight mechanism too much.
  • Lift heavy things: I went back to the gym to lift last year and it’s been great, especially my hips and back. I usually only workout with weights once or twice a week and the strength has really come back by sticking to compound exercises (think squats and pull-ups).
  • Run really fast every once in a while: For a long time, I thought running was all about distance (and form of course) when it comes to running. Then I started throwing some sprints in the mix and I felt more powerful and alive then I had in a while.
  • Get lots of sleep: Sleep has been a game changer for me and I think it’s very underrated as a tool for the average person. If you’re not happy with your wellness, this is where I would start. Working on your sleep hygiene to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep will help you more than just about anything in your life. Trust me!
  • Play: This is where hanging out with my niece and nephew and my friends’ kids has really helped me. I find pets are the same way. They just wanna play and feel alive. It can feel a bit silly at first if you haven’t done it in a while but usually it’s fun and research shows it’s much needed for us big kids…
  • Get some sunlight every day: I now worship the sun but don’t worry I’m not joining a cult anytime soon.I try to get it on my face first thing in the morning and since I live in Canada, I also supplement with some vitamin D, especially in the winter.
  • Avoid trauma: This is pretty self-explanatory! Staying away from bone breaks and concussions is good. But staying away from activities that might bring those is not always an option (or fun). Just be smart out there and try to mitigate risk.
  • Avoid poisonous things: Are you allergic to something? Then stay away. Sometimes you don’t know what that is but being mindful helps. I’ve learned to listen to my body as to what my poison is.
  • Use your mind: Do a puzzle, play video games or read. Or maybe learn a new language or to play an instrument. It all keeps you (and your mind) sharp and young.

Any questions? Drop me a line!

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