How do you breathe?

How do you breathe?

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We all breathe or else we’d be dead. I always joke in my workshops that breathing is even more important than posture since you can’t survive very long without it.

Ever since I listened to an interesting podcast on the subject on Bulletproof Radio, I’ve been thinking about breathing very differently. This gentleman (Patrick McKeown) talks about breathing through the nose and all the benefits. He also has a Ted Talk I can’t wait to get into.

Yoga teaches a lot of folks how to breathe properly. And the breath is quite important throughout the practice, especially if you go back to the basics. That and my Wim Hof training had shed some light on breathing before but now it seems my eyes are wide open.

The podcast even influenced my running. Breathing through your nose while you run makes you relax and also makes you slow down enough to make it beneficial for fat burning.

I also like to take a small break during a hectic day to take some breaths. I find concentrating on your breath for 30 seconds can do wonders for your mental health and to reset your mood.

My recent podcast on sleep also touched upon breathing when we chatted about sleep apnea. It seems that hits a lot more people than we think and it’s quite an issue with respect to productivity

I’ve also started doing some breathing exercises right before bedtime thanks to my FitBit. I find it really calms me down and helps me fall asleep with a bit less on my mind it seems.

All this to say, you should take a minute or two in your day to take some breaths. Try it another way then you usually do it. You’ll be surprised how good it can feel, especially if you’re getting fresh air.

You’re welcome! :)

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